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With Change Comes A Shopping Spree

By Simone P. 

Changing bodies are very natural. In middle school, you may gain some weight in some unfamiliar places. Your shape may become more accentuated than before, whether it’s below your waist or on top of your chest. These changes are entirely natural, but sometimes they can become difficult to navigate and you may need some help navigating it all. 

Things to Remember: 

  • You’re still young, and your body is still in its development stages, and so are the people around you. You are not alone in this! Feel free to reach out to someone (who you are comfortable with) with a little more experience or knowledge. That person can be a best friend, an older sister, an older cousin, an aunt, or even your mom.

  • Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean that the world is crashing and falling apart. If anything, it means a wardrobe change. 

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