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Feminine Hygiene 

This page was written by Kalekidane K. from GA

Growing up comes with a lot of challenges and changes. One being a physical change. You might be noticing some changes when you hit puberty.

Here are some links that provide hygiene information: 

Teen Health: Feeling Fresh

Teen Hygiene Tips 


The Dos and Dont's of Proper Feminine Hygiene 

Here are some ways you can keep clean and stay healthy:

  1. Shower once or twice a day

  2. If you have started your period, make sure to change your pad or tampon every 4 to 8 hours depending on flow.

  3. Have a balanced diet; this will help with your ph level (smoothies are a great option)

  4. Research which deodorant is right for you. You might have a trial and error period with deodorant but once you find the right one you will know. 

Also check out these helpful books:


*Please make sure to have a conversation with your parent, guardian or a trusted adult to ask questions or to address any concerns you may have regarding your body; they are there to help and guide you. 

Here are some YouTube videos for even more information:

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