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Home Workouts

This page was written by Kalekidane K. from Georgia

While being stuck inside you might find yourself reaching for that extra snack for binging Netflix the whole day. Here are some alternative options to keep you actively busy at home.

Before working out make sure to stretch!


Every week you can add more sets or less depending on how you feel. 

Here is a list or replacements you can use instead of dumbbells or other equipment needed.

  1. Water bottles

  2. A bucket of water on both ends of a mop or broom

  3. Use old textbooks or any book that can be used as weights.

  4. You can also use bricks, sandbags. They are a great alternative as well.

Here is a source with more exercise with household items.

 Make sure to stay hydrated and to wear correct gear when working out. Also, if outside, make sure to wear sunscreen that is catered for your skin type to protect yourself from the sun.

Once done working out make sure you rest. Sleep is just as important as exercise as well as eating healthy. Doing all three to the best of your ability is the key to a successful lifestyle. Mess ups are okay and completely normal. Just make sure you get back on track.

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