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Balancing It All

By Simone P. 

Balancing middle school's academic and social scene can be some yucky business. As if the whirlwind of change to bodies and hormones that middle school girls face wasn't hard enough, balancing making sure that you're doing well in school and managing to keep in contact with all your friends can be a daunting feat. Time management helped me through middle school; some days, like on the weekends and after school, I hung out with friends if I finished my homework before a decent hour as decided by my parents. I dedicated my attention solely to school during the weekdays to ensure my grades and school performance didn't slack because of my social life. Having friends with similar classes is always a plus since you can have the best of both worlds and study with your friends. This takes a tremendous amount of discipline and focus, however. 


Never Forget!:

- True friends will understand when you're busy and must prioritize school. You all could always find another time to hang out. The malls will be there, sis, I promise! 

- If you're struggling to manage your studies, talk with a teacher about how you can improve. Don't be afraid to sign up for tutoring. Getting a little extra help is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone needs a little additional support sometimes. 

- Prioritize your mental health and well-being, which is always more important than a party or a light homework assignment. If you aren't well, you can't give yourself to anything or anyone. Take care of yourself!

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