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Online Class Tips

This page was written by Kalekidane K. from GA

So you have to take online classes for the fall semester...

Here are some ways to keep you motivated and focused at home.

Step 1. Have a clean workspace- this can be your bedroom or a separate room in your house where you can stay organized and focus without distractions.


Step 2. When attending online classes refrain from having your phone nearby unless of course, you are using it to attend class. This will allow you to participate in class discussions as well as minimize distractions. 


Step 3. Play music in the background. If you can’t focus in total silence try some background noise to make you feel as though you are in a school environment. 


Step 4. Take breaks. Set a timer to let you know when to stop working and have a snack or click here to look at some home workout routines you can do to get you out your seat. 

Here are some links to help:

Tipes to Stay Focused on Your Online Classes 

7 Ways Online Students Stay Focused

I know it can be a downer to not be with your friends and it can take a mental toll being at home 24/7 but it is for your safety these rules have taken place. Enjoy the moment and do the best that you can to make the most of it. 

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