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hair porosity

This resource page was written by Ari H. from Michigan

You’ve tried everything! The latest curling cream that promises definition, the newest detangling brush you saw on Instagram, and every single “hair hack” from your favorite Youtuber. Yet, every wash day you are disappointed with the outcome. You feel as if you’ve tried everything to get your hair to cooperate, but nothing seems to be working. Maybe it’s time to TRULY get to know your hair, starting with understanding your hair’s porosity. 


The porosity of your hair can be even more important than your hair type. Hair porosity is simply a measurement of how well your hair can hold and retain moisture. Knowing what treatments and products your hair responds well to can help you have the hair you’ve always dreamed of!

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This standard porosity test can help you begin to recognize the nature of your hair. For your next few wash days, pay attention to your hair as you go through your routine. 

  1. How quickly will your hair absorb water when it’s fully immersed? 

  2. Do water, oils, and other products easily penetrate your hair? 

  3. How well can your hair retain moisture? 


I would highly recommend a shower mirror to make your wash days more manageable, so you can easily see how your hair reacts to your routine. Check out our Wash Day page to help you take the frustration out of washing your hair. As you continue to observe your hair, you can decide which methods and products provide the most effective results for your hair.


Once you have a better understanding of your hair’s porosity, you can customize your routine to accommodate your hair’s needs. For example, if your hair is low porosity, try deep-conditioning with heat or investing in a steamer to help your products absorb. High porosity hair has a tendency to tangle more so consider buying a good detangling brush or comb. 

Check out some of my favorite Youtubers for more tips and tricks to mastering your hair porosity!

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