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Cultivating Healthy Romantic Relationships 

By Devyn F. 

Dating in high school can be tough, but always keep in mind how you want to be treated and what type of people you will allow in your life. 

Here are some green and red flags to look out for when dating. 


But first, what are green flags?


Green flags in relationships are signs that a relationship is healthy. Though no relationship is perfect, the “green flags” below are some positive things to strive for, but the list doesn’t stop here:


When they:

  • Communicate even when they’re upset.

  • Support your hobbies.

  • Validate your emotions and don’t ridicule you for having them. 

  • Compliment you.

  • Go the extra mile to make you happy. 

  • Make you laugh often.

  • Are open to compromise.

  • Respect your boundaries. 

  • Listen to you.

  • Honor your individuality. 


Think about the three green flags you look for in a relationship? Do you embody those things as well? 


Now, let’s talk about some red flags. A red flag is just the opposite of a green flag. They are signs the relationship may need some serious work before it proceeds or that it is time to just walk away. 


You’ll know a red flag if they:


  • Do not respect your boundaries.

  • Only talk to you at night.

  • Disrespect you or your family.

  • Blow off your feelings.

  • Are overbearing and possessive.

  • Are selfish. 


Now that you have the tools to recognize the green and red flags in a relationship, go out and live your best life, sis!

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