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Define those Kinks & Curls!

This page was written and suggested by Kalekidane K. from Georiga

easy braid out tutorial

You will need: 

  • Brush and Comb

  • Any kind of leave-in conditioner, oil, hair moisturizer, or other holding product

  • Rubber bands 

  • Spray bottle (if you don't have one, make sure your hair is damp) * I would do this right after I wash my hair so it will not have time to dry.

  • A scarf or cap to wrap up at night so there will be no frizz

  • *blow dryer (Optional)


Step 1

  • Wash your hair! The damper the hair the better. (spray bottle if you already washed your hair prior)

  • If you end up drying your hair, try and use an old t-shirt instead of a towel. Towels tend to cause hair damage because of the harsh texture and dryness of cotton. This will decrease frizz as well 

  • Click below to learn the best practices for wash day.


Step 2

  • Get a wide-tooth comb to detangle and brush down the hair

  • Depending on how defined you want the braid will determine how many sections you would want to part your hair. The smaller the braids the more defined.

* the bigger the braid the longer it will take to dry; the smaller the braids the faster it dries* 


Step 3

  • Begin to braid *Here is a video link that shows how to braid*

  • Once your parts are done make sure to moisturize your scalp with any hair oil or moisturizing products you may have. This brings life back into your hair as well as helps prevent dry scalp, itchiness, and flaking. 

Step 4

  • Once finished let air dry or wrap your hair before going to bed. 

  • You can blow-dry to get quicker results if you have one but this is optional 

Step 5

  • Once dried, take some hair oil or moisturizer cream and rub them on your hands. This will help separate the braids and prevent frizz. 

  • Take your time with unbraiding it; you do not want to disturb the curl pattern.

Step 6

  • Decide how you want to style your hair: Side part? Middle part? Half up half down? The creative choice is up to you!


Step 7

  • Repeat :)

additional resources: twist out help

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