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the Brains with Beauty project

Showing Black girls we can have it all 

The Brains with Beauty Project is a nonprofit organization that equips Black girls with tools to nurture their innate brilliance and beauty.

We are comprised of three parts: The Salon Initiative, which places empowering books in hair salons for young patrons to enjoy; The One-Stop Initiative, an online platform that houses curated academic and holistic wellness tips; and Sister Circle, an advice forum written by college students to help younger students navigate their middle and high school journeys. We also host in-person and virtual events for coming-of-age Black girls.

All branches of The Brains with Beauty Project nurture academic excellence and holistic wellness to remind Black girls that we can have it all.


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a message from
our founder

I founded The Brains with Beauty Project in 2015 as a sophomore in high school. The mission since the very beginning has been to affirm, celebrate, and nurture Black girls' brilliance and beauty. Growing up, my family filled this role at home. However, when I stepped out of my nuclear community, I did not feel the same degree of love, care, or empowerment. In creating Brains with Beauty, I sought to address this gulf for myself, and other Black girls by building an organization that helps us see and cultivate our innate intellect and beauty.

Founding The Brains with Beauty Project has taught me that success in growing an organization necessitates two things. One: having a thesis – a guiding mission for who you are and what you want to accomplish. I unabashedly center Black girls and young women in all that I do and want to create spaces that cater to our well-being and success. And two: having a strong community to help build upon that mission and bring it to fruition. From my mom driving me all around western Massachusetts to deliver books to salons in 2015 to a robust team of twenty driven Spelman College students running the organization today, community is our heartbeat.

Thank you for supporting our mission and being a part of our community. 

Our Founder

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