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plants for beginners

This resource page was written by Ari H. from Michigan

I have hundreds of photos saved to my Pinterest Board of bright, airy rooms filled with sunshine and lots of plants. I love the concept of being a “plant mom” or someone who has several plants that require specific care. Here are some places you can try out your green thumb without breaking the bank! 




IKEA has everything from minimal home décor to Swedish meatballs. Taking a trip to your local IKEA may be the first step in starting your journey with plants. In addition to an inexpensive selection of real plants, IKEA also has a wide variety of fake plants. Artificial plants are a great way to have the aesthetic you’re looking without losing time and money. 


Trader Joe’s 


Trader Joe’s is a popular neighborhood grocery store but, it is also an amazing place to buy plants on a budget. Purchasing your first plants from Trader Joe’s is perfect if you’re a beginner as they have mini plants that are potted and ready to go! With prices of $7 and below, Trader Joe’s is an amazing deal. 


Plant Nurseries 


Your local plant nursery is a more expensive option for purchasing plants. They often have a wide variety of plants to accommodate your needs. A plant nursery is a better resource as they can help you choose the perfect plant and provide instructions to care for the plant. If you’re just beginning your journey with plants, I would not recommend plant nurseries as you may spend more $$$ than necessary.


Plants require a lot of work, but the results and satisfaction are so worth it! Take a chance and try out your green thumb. You may get something beautiful out of the experience!


Check out some amazing Black plant moms on Youtube for more advice and tricks!

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